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interest meme

Wow, we're at 75 people watching this community!

The first 20 people to leave their username in a comment (to this post, not the usual request post) will get an icon of one of their listed interests. =D I hope you guys participate!

Please tell me if you'd be willing to share it and also where I should leave it (in a new post? a comment to your comment? a comment at your LJ?).

And uh, I promise that all the icons will be delivered. For sure. And if you requested an icon previously and I never got back to you, tell me!!!

Current list:
1. famness
2. simply_tuna
3. aparrelainetai
4. lucifer
5. jinxy_kittie
6. pikushi
7. _aurum
8. rewritten
9. foreverthirsty
10. rusalkatrix
11. rubyjuls
12. spurious
13. libraire
14. adalove
15. mustntgetmy
16. kanmude
17. regen
18. moonsenorita
19. fruitlolita
20. chmclfairytales


Requests now closed.
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41 super simple dingbat icons

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Rules: comment please, no need to credit.


Whoops, forgot to say that the dingbats used were "20 faces," "Rakugaki" and "beestings" with the text fonts being "Times New Roman" and "bubbleboy." "Bubbleboy," "20 faces," "Rakugaki" and "beestings" can all be found at