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an indelible stamp of lowly origins

First, apologies for the really late update. I've had these sitting on my drive since January but I just keep forgetting to post them here. Also, hello to new watchers! (and a sad goodbye to those who have left!) The turnover for you guys has been really quick lately, bouncing anywhere from 150 to 175 and it's all my fault since I never update anymore :((((((

Anyway, here's a small batch of icons ranging from a continuation of last post (lyric icons from songs by the Magnetic Fields) to some Alice in Wonderland textless-es. Usually I'm all up for people modifying bases but please note that these textless ones aren't to be edited.

Also, please look forward to a few new tutorials coming your way, especially if you're interested in how I cheat when coloring my manga icons. In that regard, I have a batch of shoujo manga icons coming soon. XD

14 icons: lyrics by the Magnetic Fields/Alice in Wonderland
no icon
no icon
Tags: alice in wonderland, text icons, the magnetic fields

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